This & That: Wrist Stretches

…if you work like this on a computer for hours on end, you might feel some wrist strain when you get down with your down dog. So make sure to add that wrist stretch to your warm-ups before you start weight-bearing postures…

After typing all day, clicking the mouse and even texting, our little wrists get a crazy workout. And once we’re on the mat, we really ask a lot of them – from cat cow to down dog. A little warm up stretch can really feel amazing. Try the stretch above, or when you’re in table top try turning your wrists out – first to face 3 and 9 on a clockface. Then maybe to 5 and 7, or turn them all the way around. Keep them where you feel the stretch and breathe. (That’s the best part.)

The first image is of the Etsy offices from a neat little blog called Office Snapshots. And the second is from Athleta, in a piece on prep for Mayurasana.

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