This & That: Grounding

…if you work like this, in an office or a coffee shop on a computer, or if your life involves a lot of scheduling and problem solving, you probably spend a lot of time in your head. So make sure to get back into your body with that series of grounding postures…

It’s just the nature of our lives these days, well, at least of mine. Think, think, think, think. Sometimes my regular practice isn’t enough to bring me back into my body. To counter this all-heads activity, grounding postures like warrior one and this variation, humble warrior, can help bring me back to earth.

I found the first image on Consumerist, credited here. And the second is Sadie Nardini from her site.

2 thoughts on “This & That: Grounding

  1. I like the moving meditation from cat to cow, initiating with the tail, ending with head. Synchronize the breath so when head and tail r up , the lungs are full, then starting with the tail, tilt it up, draw air in as you move vertibra until you reach back up ( cat) and lung r empty
    Moving between the 2 with breath
    It is a grounding movement.

  2. Thanks! I love that you can really do that one anytime – even when you might not feel like “doing yoga.”

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