This & That: Digestion

Eat a little bit too much of this? (I did. But look at it! Oh my goodness. Delicious.) Help out your digestion by giving that abdomen of yours a little massage.

This is traditionally called wind relieving pose. When I first started doing yoga and my teacher called out this posture, I laughed. But I’m really much more mature now and would never get a giggle fit when a teacher suggests we all encourage group flatulence in class. Never.

Start by pulling your right leg into your chest, massaging the ascending colon. Then the left, massage the descending colon. Pull both legs in and breathe. Oh yea, don’t forget to breathe. Twists and forward folds are great for getting the blood flow moving too. The idea is to squeeze out your organs like a sponge, and then let clean, oxygenated blood come on in.

NOTE: Right after I wrote this post, I found a great tip from Yogaholics Anonymous: “To avoid compression and injury, it’s important that you create length in the spine before and during a twist. Focus on three key actions: elongating the spine, twisting from the inside out, and breathing.” Follow Yogaholics Anonymous on Facebook and read the whole tip on their page.

The first image is from this yummy blog.. And the posture is from Bikram Yoga Bethesda.

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