The Great, Big Yoga Coverup

I usually practice at home, so I don’t worry about what I’m wearing. I roll right out of bed and onto the mat. But when I do head out to a class, PJs don’t cut it. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not an exhibitionist – at all. But I am sometimes oblivious. It’s happened once or twice that I’ve lifted into down dog and had a too-loose shirt fall up over my head. Or been in cat cow and looked down to see, eek, that I’m not quite as covered up as I thought.

It’s good to be conscious of coverage as a student, but even more important as a teacher. More often than not, I err on the side of my clothes being too boxy and loose. I’m more comfortable, but the students can’t see the shapes my body is making during posture demonstrations.

What about you? Have you ever been mid-class and wished you could cover up?

This non-cleavagey image is from Yoga Prevention. Trust me, I thought about going another way with the imagery for this post. But I just couldn’t do it! Just google yoga and cleavage if you absolutely have to. I did.

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