Kripalu: What I Pack

This is what I pack when I head up to Kripalu for the week. Of course there are the requisite yoga pants, tanks and a hoodie (even when it’s warm, it’s always good to have a layer). I’m not going to tell you that stuff because I trust that you know what you like to wear.

But there are some things I’ve learned after going on a lot of these trips that really help make things more comfortable.

A Tote Bag
For years I’d pack my duffle bag and have purse and that’s it. Then once I’m on the retreat, I’d be flip-flopping my way from session to session with a folder of info under my arm and my water bottle and my hoodie – it’s too much. Finally I remembered to pack a canvas tote or roll-up reusable bag to haul my things around. So easy.

Water Bottle
Those metal Sigg bottles are great, but when they get knocked over onto the wood floor (and they will get knocked over) they make a huge racket. So the best water bottles have tops, and are quiet. I bought mine of won’t-kill-you-plastic at Duane Reade for $5.

Toiletry Bags within Toiletry Bags
At Kripalu, I stay in the dorms. That means a big room with bunks and – hooray – a shared bath. So, it helps if you have one bag that you can bring into the shower with you. And then a different bag to keep your dry things separate. It’s good to note too that a lot places suggest you bring toiletries without added fragrances.

I know, this is a little weird. But if you’re in a lecture or workshop session early in the morning the tootsies can get a little chilly.

Swim Suit, Shower Shoes
Kripalu has a lake. And a whirlpool and sauna, which are more my speed for underwater activities. Some folks prefer to go in the nude, but I like to wear bottoms at least. Showers are shared, too, so a pair of flip flops dedicated to getting wet are a good call.

Tinted Moisturizer
I’m not a glamazon in general, but even less so on retreat. That said, au natural can make me feel a little too exposed. I’m vain. It’s a whole thing I could be working on. But for now, tinted moisturizer does the trick. Covers me up, and it’s low maintenance.

My Pajamas are Yoga Clothes
Depending on what kind of program you’re going to, your morning session could be yoga or lecture. And chances are, it starts early. Sometimes I plan my PJs strategically so I can roll out of the dorm and into the workshop without really waking up.

3 thoughts on “Kripalu: What I Pack

  1. Great list, from another Kripalu devotee! I’d like to add a small flashlight to the list, for entering the dorms after lights-out and still being able to rummage through your belongings/closet. Cell phones also work for illumination, but because I’m on retreat and typically have my phone locked away in the safe, it’s not always accessible.

    1. Brilliant idea, Jennifer. Thanks! It took me many trips to get these little details down. Makes things run smoothly and peacefully, at least for me.

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