Dream State or Why Heaven Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

By the time I wake up from a dream, and if I can actually remember it, it’s often lost its mystery and luster, and becomes either nonsensical or completely transparent. Landing on the transparent side is the dream I remembered as I woke up this morning.

In heaven, or somewhere whose adventure begins in my High School choir room, a new group of us learn we can have or do anything we want, anytime we want. You simply wish for chocolate, and have it, complete with gold foil. There’s no need to exercise because you just magically stay fit. And you could make love anywhere, with anyone, at anytime you wanted.

And in this dream, I’m restless and annoyed. There’s no yoga or swimming to clear your mind because you don’t “have” to exercise. Chocolate is boring. The halls are littered with gold foil and people wandering around aimlessly or in corners making out.

In this place, nothing is special and everything is meaningless.


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