Practice Intuition

penelope illustration [image via penelope dullaghan at penelope illustration]

I keep on wandering and refocusing. Losing my way and finding it again. Lately, I’ll feel blue, and then remember what I’m doing and not doing to help or hinder myself. I’m doing a lot of second guessing, and a lot of not trusting myself.

In light of all that, it made me smile to stumble across a post on One Sadhana that brings up a simple way to stay aware, and one that I could use to help me not lose my way.

[Here’s] a little exercise in just becoming aware of how your choices affect you. It’s to ask yourself the question:

“Does this strengthen me? Or weaken me?” And then listen for your own answer.

[read the whole post]

I liked her examples: from asking if eating that extra cookie to checking Facebook, or staying in this relationship/situation will “strengthen me? or weaken me?” It’s such a simple approach to those daily, and sometimes mindless, decisions.

When I feel off, I frequently can’t quite figure out why without examination – and, frankly, when I’m blue I’m often lazy. Too lazy for real self-examination. But I like this micro approach.

Go out for a drink, or go home and cook dinner? Strengthen or weaken? Sleep in or hit the yoga mat. Strengthen or weaken? There’s no judgement there at all. It’s not about the right answer. It’s about checking in with yourself. I like that it’s just a simple way of listening to my intuition – to practice intuition.

Out of habit or fear, I still do things that weaken me. I think we all do, or else wouldn’t we all just ascend? That said, it feels encouraging to have a new, little tool at my disposal to practice my own intuition.


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