Dear Dairy

It’s been a week since I’ve had any eggs, milk, yogurt or cheese. To be honest, I expected to miss you more. Maybe I’m still detoxing? It was tricky here and there to not grab for a muffin or egg sandwich. But I was smart in my grocery shopping and planning ahead. I was worried I’d relapse, so I bought a lot of replacement foods: power-fu salad to make fake egg-salad sandwiches, soy yogurt instead of my beloved greek, tofutti cream cheese, just for fun.

If anything, I think I’m suffering from a soy-verdose. It’s time to move away from fake dairy and on to just plain old real foods.

This is something I battle with all the time. As happy, clean and joyful as all those vegans over at The Kind Life sound, I’m just not sure it’s the answer for me – which is the whole reason I’m doing this experiment to begin with.

I am leaning toward the idea of full, wholesome real foods making up the bulk of my diet. Duh. I mean, doesn’t everybody want that? But if that’s the case, why I am messing with power-fu tofu fake egg salad?

Because when I come home from work, I don’t feel like cooking. To be honest, I never feel like cooking. A good power-fu sandwich is standby, a crutch, an easy out until I can get used to feeding myself properly. Or, at least that’s what I tell myself. Maybe I’m just lazy.

I tried to cook something last week. I really did. And it was an unmitigated disaster. Something about a pilot light and pre-heating the oven – maybe it’s because I don’t have a real baking sheet and used whatever that thing is that comes stashed away in the boiler part of the oven (oh my goodness, looks, this opens!). Lovely sliced zucchini with onions and olive oil. After a whoosh of flame, not unlike they were filming the sequel to Backdraft in my tiny oven, half of the food was burned to a crisp, and the other half remained completely raw. Not that one half of the tray had burned food on it, no. Each zucchini slice was partially incinerated, and partially as raw as they day it was harvested – I couldn’t replicated this if I tried.

As I scraped the burned bits off the tray, or whatever that was, I tasted it. And because I didn’t want another meal of walnuts dipped in tofutti cream cheese, I ate it. Burned bits and all. Not bad, really. Worth another try for sure.

Let’s hope for better luck this week.


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