What do you do with an angry yogi?

[image via mac]

Despite my many years being a human, I’m still somehow shocked when “yoga people” display human traits – like rudeness, disrespect or just plain absentmindedness.

When a “regular” business person fails to return my call, I chalk it up to business. But when a “yoga” person does the same thing, I am not so willing to shrug it off.

I was even surprised to run in to a yoga teacher of mine at a bar. How dare she have a glass of wine, when even I am here to meditate on booze and peanuts!

Of course, I acknowledge we are all simply people. Some seeking more actively or more loudly than others. But I think I somehow expect more from people who I know are trying. Am I harder on “yoga people” than I am on everyone else?

And where do I fit in to this package if I consider myself a yoga person? I certainly try to be mindful. But, just like anyone else, I get frustrated with the person in front of me online, or the cab that won’t drive me home. Do I have an even higher responsibility to keep my cool if I’m carrying my yoga bag over my shoulder?

Do we all judge people who claim to be trying to mindful even more harshly when they’re not? If so, why do we do this? Is it an ego thing? Some sort of schadenfreude at their inability to be perfect?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Comments: open.

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