Do you overdo?

During class tonight, I noticed myself sweating up a storm. Which is great, except that I was leading class, not just taking one.

Does this mean I was over-doing? As a newer teacher, I often find myself demonstrating every transition – mostly because I get tongue-tied trying to describe them without feeling them in my body as I lead. But I wonder if I’m also struck with this need to “do” instead of just hold space for my students. I’m finding it hard to let go into just “being.”

Holding the space, creating a safe environment, is the most important part of leading a class. I want to teach a class that is all about the student, and not at all about me. And yet, I find it hard to stay still.

Is this a rookie move? Has anyone else had this experience?


2 thoughts on “Do you overdo?

  1. I think this happens to all of us teachers. its very complex.its sort of like aha moments. you cant contain the feeling of that moment…

    some of my best teachers were doers… they taught the whole class by doing. some of my best teachers were also holders of light where i felt they were”on call” to my every moment of learning. i knew they were watching over me.
    now some students prefer to watch you the whole class and some would like individual assistance.

    i think all in all its one of those things where you have a class of people who come and go and they are at all different levels of practice and some are consistent and others are not. each individual learning style is different. you cannot win and you cannot lose. you are still holding the light no matter what you do.

    our teaching styles vary. if we are really in the moment, we are in tune to our surroundings and our calling. we are sometimes called to teach by doing and sometimes we are called to do both.
    feeling what we are doing and teaching in our own bodies is key. its sort of like channeling for the class. like asking your body (divine wisdom)what to do next. if it feels right then stick to it.
    as far as my yoga classes go, i seem to attract more students, receive more blessings and positive feedback when i am channeling and in the moment where i am feeling what to do next flowing from one movement to the next.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Jeanne. I agree – I’ve been to amazing classes that have lots of chatter, none at all, lots of demo to hardly any. Presence does seem to be the key.

    Maybe, for now, I need to move to communicate. I think I’m just trying not to fall into the habit of working out MY practice in front of a class.

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