Yoga & Fear

My dad sent me this essay recently, so I thought I would share. It’s reminded me to take deep breaths.

Yoga teaches you to notice how you feel and to use your breath to accept your current situation, even if it makes you uncomfortable, angry, sad, or agitated. As you learn to weather situations like these on your mat, you’ll see that as quickly as difficult emotions arise, they also change and fade away.

You’ll also be less fearful when similar feelings – whether physical or emotional – surface in your daily life. In fact, you’ll gain confidence and know that you have the fortitude to cope with the array of emotions that course through you. Developing the ability to stay with pain can ultimately diffuse panic and depression, or allow you to get to the root of the difficulty. The ability to stay with pain will eventually allow it to subside.

Lasater believes that depression arises when a person tries to deny feelings such as anger or sadness and that LEARNING TO TRULY FEEL THESE DIFFICULT EMOTIONS is what weakens them until they pass away. “We develop a lot of strategies for escaping anxiety or sadness – overeating, drinking, even exercise – because we’re a sadness-denying society,” she says. “But when you learn to sit still in yoga or meditation, you become a container for your feelings. The discipline is not to interact with them, and they will pass away. Sitting with them really is the cure.”

The release from fear is what finally precipitates the full flowering of love.

In this state you will love what you see in others, and others will love you for having been seen.

This is the softened perception of the world that yoga promotes
Yoga can help you trust in the flow of life. Suddenly, you may learn that when you connect with the deepest part of yourself, you realize that you are connected to everyone else, too.


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