Naked Yoga Instructors Wanted?

Looking for an extra gig to fill my schedule, I stumbled on this ad from Craigslist:

Yoga Instructor (Midtown West)
Date: 2009-11-02, 11:49AM EST

We are an independent video production company focusing on spirituality and naturism. We are looking for yoga instructors for a new project: naked yoga instructional videos. You will instruct and demonstrate yoga poses/ movements while you are naked. It is NOT sexual video! Naked does not mean sexual.

Right on the heels of Playboy Bunny Yoga, this ad shouldn’t take me by surprise, but it does. While I agree that “naked” does not mean sexual, I still question the need these videos are filling for yogis and yoginis.

If you like to do your yoga naked, do you really need to watch other people do naked yoga? What do you guys thing about this whole naked yoga trend – is it freeing, or just porn?


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