30 Day Challenge Update

om namah shivaya [image via Lovely Pieces Design]

I know I haven’t talked here about the my 30-day challenge progress. About a week ago, I strained my foot and took some time off the mat. I know that this, too, is part of the process, but I struggled with disappointment and ego for not toughing it out. I wanted to check off every, single, day. But my body said otherwise.

On any journey, I try not to be attached to the outcome and I found this really difficult when injury presented itself. But in the end, I needed to take care of myself. I started to imagine my students setting up in a yoga class, and me hobbling in like a waddling penguin – ignoring my own advice to listen to the body, to take care of myself. It just didn’t make sense.

Om namah shivaya, I bow to Shiva. Preparing myself for change, and everything that brings. I have been getting back on the mat slowly, and for short periods of time. But the challenge now is to listen and to take it easy. So, I guess it’s still the 30-day challenge, but with a slightly different focus.


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