Creating Space

home studio
home studio

When I practice at home, this is where I do it. In a small corner of the living room, in front of the sliding glass doors. There is plenty of light (sometimes too much, unless you’re going for squinty drishty) and a little breathing room. My desk is just opposite this area, and the dog’s food dish is just out of frame.

I’ve always tried to carve out a spot for practice in my various apartments, and I’m extremely lucky to have this space this time around. I try to make it inviting and to keep it clean. I guess I just wanted to take the time out to be grateful for this space – the physical and the more esoteric – for yoga in my life.

Even though this space is sometimes difficult – it’s unstable for sure, and unpredictable – I do want to make sure I soak it all up. I want to appreciate all the open time, instead of feeling guilty or empty or lost. Of course, because those emotions feel like a waste of time – which leads me to feel guilty. Oh man, it’s quite a cycle.

I guess where I’m going with this is: even though I can sometimes feel I’m struggling, it’s comforting to know I’ve carved out this space for myself – no matter what comes up.


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