The Real Stuff

After an amazing three weeks in Oregon, L. and I are back in New York. And what a strange transition it’s been. Even though we’ve been talking about “the plan” forever, I can’t believe it’s actually here! I quit my job, people!

We left for Oregon only 3 days after my last day at work, and so I’ve been in a dream land so far. And now, I think this fact is finally starting to sink in. I have no job. No income. No schedule. It’s all open.

This is scary as hell.

I’m not quite sure what to do now. I’m cleansing and practicing yoga. Cleaning house, metaphorically and physically. Preparing. For… something. The next step? Or maybe I’m just catching up.

How does one BECOME a yoga teacher? I’m feeling so soft and vulnerable right now, I can’t believe I actually have to hit the pavement with conviction. Hire me, hire me, help me, help me.

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