When you let go of the tried and true, a million opportunities open up before you. Lately, I’ve been finding it difficult to stay on track, to stay focused on my intentions. Instead I get swept up in the myriad fantasies (and fears) that are all seemingly possible.

Be open to possibility is not always a measured thing. If I am open, I can sometimes feel lost. Tossing and turning in the current without choosing anything. And yet, imposing too much structure feels anti-thetical to “the plan.”

A good friend helped me this morning as I spouted off a million and one things on my to-do list and on L’s to-do list. She helped me focus, and remember my priorities – to remember why I am taking this time off to begin with.

What I learned from our conversation this morning is that while I do want to stay open to freelance copy writing opportunities, I’m not interested in building myself up as a mini ad agency. That part of my work, for now, is a creative outlet and a means to another end. That being, of course, my yoga practice and the opportunities surrounding teaching.

At this point, I’m getting sick of hearing myself talk about intentions, and I do desperately want to DO, DO, DO. However, L and I built a long vacation into this plan – nearly a month in the Pacific Northwest. It is up to me to learn how to let go of action for this period of time and relax, or to find a way to move forward even while I am across the country.

Is anyone familiar with the Portland area? Have any studios to recommend? Let me know.


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