Cold Yoga

My practice this morning was perfect. And by “perfect” I mean “horribly messy but I did it anyway.” After a weekend of napping through a summer cold – and, frankly, a loo-oong break from yoga after graduation – I got on the mat this morning.

David Farmar greeted me over the interweb (via and I dove into a Baptiste-style vinyasa class. Twenty sweaty, panting minutes later I was so grateful to have moved and breathed and done all I could do. Even though it was sloppy and sniffly and misaligned, it was perfect.


One thought on “Cold Yoga

  1. 🙂

    Kalu Rinpoche, my teacher's teacher, always said, "if you're distracted five hundred times in twenty minutes, but every time you realize you're distracted, you bring your mind back — then your meditation has been perfect."

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