Post Cards from Yoga School: Pranayama Mamma

It always takes me a couple of days after my yoga teacher training weekend to come back to earth. And then another two days to completely immerse myself in the crazy busy corporate world again and forget everything I’ve learned.

Well, not everything. But it often feels that way.

This month we began a more instensive pranayama practice, including Bhastrika (forceful inhalation and exhalation) and Anuloma Viloma (alternate nostril breathing with holdings). So powerful to learn, so easy to put off.

I began my post-yoga training week with my pranayama practice, but in constantly choosing among sleep, breakfast, dog-walking, gym and yoga for the perfect morning combination – pranayama has fallen away.

I breathe when I remember to. I breathe deeply in meetings. I inhale the fresh blooms down by the water. The breeze off the water. I hold my breath unintentionally, and begin again when I can remember to. During these weeks of doing my best, this is my prana practice.

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