Post Cards from Yoga School

Process, process, process. This time in between intense yoga weekends are made for integration and process. Or, if you’re me, for ignoring everything you’ve learned and stuffing it underneath your shirt for some other day – because work has to be done! Copy needs writing, concepts need birthing, people need managing and the dog, for crying out loud, the dog needs walking. And I need a nap.

But this stuffed stuff still comes up – usually in dreams. This month we are focusing on the sixth chakra – Ajna Chakra – the seat of intuition in the third eye center of the forehead.

For me, this is bringing up dreams of blindness. Not complete darkness, but blurred vision. In these dreams I am desperately trying to go about daily life, trying to clear my eyes. I try to rub them clean, to wash away the film that covers them, to hold my eyelids OPEN so that I can see.

And then I wake up, having been unsuccessful in my dream state, and go about my day without giving it a second thought. So. Here is my second thought. I am stopping here, in the middle of my workday, to recognize that that dream is in there, somewhere. And that I feel it’s asking me to pay attention.

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