As someone who falls in love a little bit with every person and every opportunity around me, it can be hard to commit. Making decisions, moving forward – it all entails leaving something else behind.

And how do I know I want to leave that precious bad habit behind, whatever it might be? Living a healthy life with a daily yoga practice? Well, that would mean no drinking until I can’t walk anymore wouldn’t it? A real family and true partnership with my boyfriend? That means giving up first dates, first kisses and fooling around with some guy in the back of a cab.

Having energy and vitality, passion for life means giving up overindulgence, laziness and depression. And while that may look like a no-brainer, shockingly, it’s not as easy as it seems.

I have been struggling with this lately. Even though there are habits that aren’t serving me anymore, I still fear letting them go. Why else would I keep falling back into old patterns?

But I read something yesterday that made this all really clear for me: “In order to manifest, you must limit.” In other words, the first stage of making something happen, is simply to choose something. And by choosing, we inevitably un-choose something else.

Without letting go, it’s impossible to move forward. Some things absolutely must be left behind.

This reminds me of an article I recently read in Yoga Journal about a sculptor who chiseled away at large pieces of rock until the form made itself apparent. The sculptor was interested in revealing the true nature of the rock – the form, whatever the sculpture was going to be. And it would be foolish of him to hoard and relish each broken piece of rock that lands on the ground in the process. These must be discarded. They are not part of the sculpture anymore.

This may seem so elementary. But it wasn’t clear to me before. And in this month’s study, we are taking a closer look at Manipura, the third chakra – house of fire and courage. And courage is precisely what I need right now in order to leave behind the old patterns and habits. Courage is what I need to forge ahead and manifest the form – whatever I want my sculpture to be.


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