Talking About It

Every time mmChi comes back from a yoga retreat or work session, I am curious and anticipate her writing all about it. But now that I am in the midst of my own teacher training, I find myself at a complete loss to try to put it into words, and I wonder if she often feels the same way (Do you chi?).

For the last several weeks, I’ve been incorporating an (almost) daily practice of meditation, chanting and asana into my life. And, honestly, it’s really hard! I’m exhausted, and find myself worried that I’m not doing enough practice or reading. I have all this fear about failure and about not doing enough, reading enough, caring enough, or really being enough.

We were told that feelings like this could possibly come up, especially since we are focusing on the first chakra – the seat of survival fear and instinct, security and earth elements. I’ve also been sleeping a lot, and I’m not sure if that is Muladhara-related, or if it’s simply a side-effect of adding another layer of eduction and responsibility into the mix.

I’ll be watching that as the months go on. And I’ll do my best to keep you in the loop, so to speak. 😉


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