the answers

In filling out my health and information forms for my PYT(T) program, I was asked to answer the question: What does your practice mean to you?

I feel I can never adequately answer this question, and in writing it, I felt as if I were writing wedding vows. Is that strange?

I’m not usually an oogly, googly outpouring of love kind of person. I mean, it’s in there. But I still retain my sarcastic edge – for better or for worse. That said, it feels important to share part of this answer with you all.

Yoga has let me love and let me cry. It’s taught me compassion, foolishness and rigor. It’s a place I can retreat to when I forget myself and when I want to celebrate. It represents a precipice I constantly want to retreat from and jump off of. It’s the comforts of home and all the challenges I’ll ever face. Perhaps most importantly, my practice reminds me to breathe.

If anything, I hope this entry reminds you to breathe.


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