The Approach

My first day of PYT(T) is fast approaching, and I’m nervous and excited both. Again, I’m aware that I have high expectations, and aware that I really should just let it all happen without putting too many expectations into it. So I watch both.

In the mean time, It’s very difficult for me to stay motivated at work. I seem to be reminded again and again that this is a futile business, and I’m tasked with meaningless assignments, and now I assign other people purposeless tasks as well. Knowing full well that any job is what you make of it, and purpose comes from inside rather than from a project brief – I’m getting pretty frustrated at myself as well.

And so I’m taking some time off. Not a year, or a month even, but a week. The Monday after yoga teacher training begins is blissfully unscheduled. And now that the weather has turned cooler, I hope to spend that week on the mat and in nature. Sipping tea inside and going on long walks with the dog.

Deep breaths in crisp air tend to make things right in my world.


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