Résumé to live

I’ve always wanted to get paid for living.
What do you do for a living? I live.

I never wanted to be a kept woman. I have a steadfast work ethic and cannot seem to get away from the exchange of will work / pay me. Sometimes I consider being ‘a Real Housewife of..’ but I don’t find much satisfaction in it. Though I will contend that being semi-employed as I am now has helped me understand how you could run a home and care for child(ren) – and make a full life of it. Trust funds have never enticed me either – though I have never been offered any. If there is no threat or risk in not paying rent, would you still seek? What would be the hitch? The catch? The thrill of hitting submit on your online bill pay?!?

But I would once like to get a call – “L, we really need you to go to Faro and write about it from the perspective of a cinematographer / yoga teacher / student of life. We’d really love to get your perspective on this in 1000 words or less. Can you be there on Friday?”

Cover letter ideas for job app “To Live”
Willing to smile at and greet all children, seniors, men, women, bikers and walkers along the sidewalks / streets / lake.

Able to stop, sit on beach and touch the water – to smell my hand and hope that this fresh water lake would somehow, just for today, smell like the salt ocean back home.

Capable to share all that transpires as witty commentary in blog, non-fiction novella, or entertaining, somewhat romanticized inebriated conversation.



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