100 and nerves

Perfectly, this is the 100th post of Martinis & Mantras.

So, all that drama about not taking the YTT program, and I’ve just signed up for the free intro class at the Open Center this evening.

The choice not to go never sat well with me. So, I decided that further investigation was needed.

I went to several intro days for different massage schools. But only one felt absolutely right. When I spent the day at the Muscular Therapy Institute, it felt as if it was a fait accompli. I felt excited and at home at the same time. I already belonged there and spending that day just made the decision irreversible.

It seems odd, in light of this economic crisis, to look into a drastically low-paying, unstable career option. Paulson and Bloomberg are all over the television this morning talking about Wall Street. And layoffs continue at the office, where, I know I should be more grateful than I am to have steady employment.

But for the decisions I have to make today, none of this matters. All I am to do today is to show up. At 6pm I intend to be sitting with open and fluttering heart on the floor of a yoga studio at the Open Center, just being – and not deciding.


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