Yesterday I met a dog names Bapuji.

I was struck by the name, but I then I thought that my dog has been my best guru in the past months – teaching me patience, love, responsibility. Is there a better inspiration for naming your dog? I mean besides a tomboy spaceship mechanic, of course.


2 thoughts on “Bapuji

  1. I used to dogsit for a friend who had–actually still has, and she’s still my friend, but we don’t live in the same town, so I can’t dogsit anymore–an incredibly lovable but hyperactive springer spaniel. He made it impossible to do yoga, since he took my getting down on the floor as a sign that I wanted to play, and he’d completely freak if I tried to shut him out of the room. Then, his incredible sweetness meant that playing with him was a kind of yoga in itself….

  2. Kaylee “does yoga” with us, too. Sometimes that means swatting her away in the middle of a sun salute, or finding her lying on the back of the mat as you go down for a lunge. But, after a while, I think she gets it. She calms down. She usually just chills out next to me until I’m done. It’s good to remember though, that play is a form of yoga too.

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