Ever since I wrote about moving forward with the yoga teacher training, I’ve been thinking about it more consciously. I’ve been to registration site at least twice, and have been breaths away from pouncing on the submit button.

My brain is working overtime, and I know I need to just quiet down and listen to what my gut tells me. Today, my head cold is making me fuzzy. My work is feeling a whole heck of a lot like work – the senseless advertising kind. And I want to hit that button as a giant “eff you” to the corporate world.

I also consider the high-intensity, all-weekend long classes as a great way to get away on the weekends. Like a yoga vacation within my daily work week. But also a vacation from my apartment, from the construction going on in LIC, from everything in this life.

So I didn’t hit the button. Because now I’m second guessing my motivations. Do I want to do this training to become more myself, or to escape the self I already am? At this point I don’t even know if these are two different things or just two ways of looking at the same object.


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