Day 10, Already?

I can’t believe that went so quickly. Last weekend, I added in some brown rice to the mix and all of a sudden, I kind of forgot I was altering my diet at all. This is a mixed blessing, because it was nice to note that I didn’t particularly miss processed foods or dairy. But on the other hand, I felt a little let down that I wasn’t really undertaking a challenge anymore. Does that make any sense? I guess I was looking for more drama. If I’m looking for drama maybe the Master Cleanse is the way to go.

Last night L. came home wanting to order food, but then remarked: “Oh, right, you’re not eating food.” Which is completely untrue. I have been eating well and plentifully (maybe a little too plentifully, truth be told) and the variety of foods I can eat is great. So we ordered some Asian and I had veggies with brown rice. Normal, fun. But, oh the sauce. I wasn’t so careful about the sauce and, man alive! my body did not like that sauce.

My stomach rebelled against the sauce in a pretty major way. So, I’ll have to be extra careful about what I’m putting into my body in the coming days.

Someone asked me how long I was planning on doing this, and I told them about the ten-day plan, but added: I may just do it until I don’t.

Meaning, maybe this is the way to go for me. I feel much more energy (no caffeine), and I don’t crash in the afternoons. Why add foods that will only make me feel heavy and sluggish?

I’ll ask that question to myself again as I’m staring a Mystic Pizza in the face this weekend.


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