A Note on the Salt Flush

Oh, grody, grody salt flush. Midway through the fast, I was still feeling logy and, well, a little backed up. So, I thought I’d give the salt flush a try. This is something that is recommended along with the Master Cleanse, and is comprised of drinking a quart of warm salt water to induce an “enema-like” effect.

There is something so unnatural about drinking warm, salt water. It tastes so wrong for a reason. We are just not supposed to drink that. I can’t help but think of stories of dehydrated castaways turning to salt water to quench that unquenchable thirst. And I now realize just how desperate castaways must be to go to such lengths.

The salt water flush is, in no uncertain terms, effective. It is the kind of practice you’ll want to undertake close to home. Very close to home. Sometimes the kitchen seems too far from where you’ll find your new home after this. But, man alive, it tastes nasty going down.


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