Day 7

I wrote this to a friend of mine this morning: I am loving detox. The last couple of days I have been happy and full of energy. It’s lovely. Sometimes I nap. And, once,
I dreamt of cookies, but otherwise all is well.

Last night I came home from a show in the city and whispered sweet nothings in Lawrence’s ear, prompting him to ask: “Are you drunk?” Nope. A little apple cider vinegar before bedtime had put the booze in my breath, I guess.

I’m feeling good. Not full of energy in a bounding puppy way, but in a steady, reliable way. I’m focused and thinking well. This weekend I embraced naps when they came, but basically kept busy and active, including going out on Saturday and Sunday nights. I was worried about being too run down, but I seemed to have passed that stage.

The obstacle I face now is more food-boredom than anything else, and that, of course, just requires some innovative thinking and (ahem) some work in the kitchen.

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