Bunny Shaped

I am angry angry angry today. It kind of crept up on me. I was fine. And then I noticed the dull humming that occupies my office. Some days it’s louder than others, and today it is boring into my brain with the precision of a steadily twisting grapefruit spoon.

The Hum has brought up anger from earlier in the day. A feeling that was bemusement and frustration that, over the course of day, while I wasn’t looking, turned into a swiftly growing somersault of rage and emotion.

Luckily, Thursday is Livingroom Yoga day. And I will be hosting a class of one in the bedroom after work with just enough time to gobble up dinner before LOST begins. But in the meantime, where do I put this feeling? Here I am, noticing it, acknowledging it. Waiting for it to pass like a bunny-shaped cloud overhead. It’s not leaving yet.


2 thoughts on “Bunny Shaped

  1. you say. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!where do I put this feeling? YOU DONT PUT IT ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU LET IT GOOOOOOOOOOOO.. easier said than done:)

  2. Yes. Easier said than done. Being quiet helped that night. No TV, no computer, no people. Just breathing and being. I let go what I could in those moments.

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