Cold Breeze

I remember one day in high school fixing my hair in the girls’ room when an older girl came and tapped me on the shoulder. “Your skirt’s tucked in,” she said. I turned around and – yikes – the bottom of my skirt was tucked in to the top of my tights. Thank god she was there to tell me before I went out into the hallway. I mean, that’s worse than toilet paper stuck to your shoe. I remember being SO embarrased. That girl really saved my life.

So where was she today as I walked to work and my skirt slowly hitched up under my coat? I finally caught my reflection in a store window only to see my grey tights-covered butt peeking out the back of my winter coat, with no pretty skirt to cover it. I was, still, SO embarrased! But this is New York. So, who knows, maybe I meant to dress that way.


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