Svadyaya Sisterhood

After a tense afternoon, I retreated to the yoga studio for a (17-dollar!) class last night. Even though I usually practice at home, a class offers a certain comfort. I know I will be pushed to my edge; I will be safe and comforted there; I can experience a sense of quiet community I don’t get to feel when I practice alone.

The class began with a recitation of the Serenity Prayer and an explanation of Svadyaya – self study and introspection.

We watched and felt our breathing, noticed patterns and habits. The subway rumbled underneath us as we opened the practice with an Om. I went to this class as an escape, but instead I found comfort in going deeper into myself.

Going to a teacher-led practice, though expensive, usually opens me up to new ideas and new patterns of movement and thinking. It shakes me out of a rut – which was exactly what I needed to do.


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