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As some of you may (or may not) have noticed The Hey Lady is currently offline with server problems. We are working on it and hope to be back up and running soon. (And by “we,” I mean Ron – my trusty web guru.)

In the meantime, check out another post of mine on The Healthy Snacks Blog. Because I can’t get enough of the internet and internet can’t get enough of me! Just kidding.

Svadyaya Sisterhood

After a tense afternoon, I retreated to the yoga studio for a (17-dollar!) class last night. Even though I usually practice at home, a class offers a certain comfort. I know I will be pushed to my edge; I will be safe and comforted there; I can experience a sense of quiet community I don’t get to feel when I practice alone.

The class began with a recitation of the Serenity Prayer and an explanation of Svadyaya – self study and introspection.

We watched and felt our breathing, noticed patterns and habits. The subway rumbled underneath us as we opened the practice with an Om. I went to this class as an escape, but instead I found comfort in going deeper into myself.

Going to a teacher-led practice, though expensive, usually opens me up to new ideas and new patterns of movement and thinking. It shakes me out of a rut – which was exactly what I needed to do.

Yoga Wha?

The new addition to our lives (see Kaylee, below) has been both wonderful and stressful. She (along with The Dog Whisperer) is teaching me to stay in the moment and maintain a calm, confident energy.

I’m working on all that. It certainly is a process. And while our morning walks are meditative, in a sense, I’m excited about getting back on the mat – a form of self-care I’ve been neglecting lately.

Things that are making me happy right now:

-Burt’s Bees Milk & Honey Body Lotion
-Hale & Hearty split pea soup
-Anusura Basic at Yoga Room LIC
-One cup Oolong, one cup green
-Knowing I’m coming home to a warm and love-filled home

Dog Pose

I have been completely blindsided by the depth of love (and responsibility) I feel for this beautiful girl. Our home is more full of love than I could have even imagined. She is a sweet rescued pup full of calm energy and, well, and some bouncy puppy energy too.

Yesterday was her first day home alone while L. and I both went to work. She behaved incredibly well, but the level of anxiety I felt leaving her all day was unparalleled.

Finally I left work early and ran to the subway. I ran into the apartment and gave her a giant hug before we went out for our walk. I was told she might have some separation anxiety, but I didn’t know that I would, too.

Today the joy she gave me came from her sniffing around my yoga mat, trying to figure out what the heck we humans were doing with all that ocean breathing and upward dog.

Home and Away

Last night we returned home from a sleepy, dreamy, active whirlwind of family, friends, food and snow. Four days with my family, Santa’s magic, food and wine, family love. And six days in Vermont with L.’s family, tromping in the snow up to our knees, skiing and falling over just to lay there catching slow-traveling snowflakes in my mouth.

I am sore in body and heart and working myself up a little toward post-holiday induced melodrama. I’m ready for the real world to kick in and help bring me back down to earth.