Stop the Violins

Update: Oh, internets, oh help me. Savasannah does not work very well when the red terminal is being attacked. (The Red Terminal is being attacked!) I do not want to become one of those couples who fight over the video game. This game, even though I don’t like it, makes him very happy. He enjoys being able to figure out the puzzle of it all. It is not inherently a bad thing. I need to remember that. But only one wall separates my yoga space from his battle ground. My ocean-sounding breaths have got to get louder. -ed

This was a stay-at-home weekend involving lots of tea, movies and reading. For L. it also involved a lot of PlayStation 3.

As we sat down for dinner last night at the table, I wondered if maybe we could turn the TV off? We’d gone from Splinter Cell to Mr. Brooks to Law and Order: Criminal Intent. From shooting people in a spy game, to shooting people in a movie, to shooting people on TV.

This wasn’t all my partner’s idea either. It’s not like he’s subjecting me to violent images without my consent. I like Law and Order. And Kevin Costner. But sometimes, all the violence really gets to me. I just wanted a nice, quiet dinner without the blunt force trauma or the asphyxiation.

Sometimes, I don’t know how to get away from it all. One answer, of course, is to turn off the television. That definitely helps. But even when I choose to walk away, I hear the sirens and the car horns outside my window. I don’t want to turn a blind eye to the problems we have in society, but am I desensitizing myself with all of this fictional violence?

A friend of mine once suggested a good news channel – like the heart-warming version of FOX news. It wouldn’t ignore the “real” world, just focus on stories of positive humanity and love. At the time, I thought it sounded like putting your head in the sand. But after last night’s episode of Dexter (our favorite serial killer), I think I could have used a dose of good news.


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