Laughing in Paradise

My muscles ache from yesterday’s practice. All of them. My pecs, my abs. I think my shins ache. What a practice!

We downloaded a new class from Yoga Download and this one was a doozy. There was one sequence that included going from seated frog pose to a half-bound intermediate pose, then coming up into Bird of Paradise.(If you don’t know that pose, take a quick look at <a href="”&gt; this video from expert village.)

No one I know can do Bird of Paradise, though I have seen it done in a couple of classes. My body struggles to even imagine the bind. Frankly, I barely have seated frog. So all I could do for these couple of seconds was laugh.

I mean, it wasn’t even close. If I thought I could push myself to get there, I may have (and potentially injured myself in the process). But this particular pose is so far beyond my current capabilities someone may as well have led me through a series of poses meant to induce time travel.

When I think about now, I still laugh. I’m not sure exactly why. Was it a temporary light shining on how odd it is that we put ourselves in these funny shapes? Was it just the simple impossibility of it? Or was it joy at the thought that someday, just maybe, it won’t be impossible?


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