Mood Ring

I was in a defensive mood this morning before we got on our mats. After snapping at L. and leaving him waiting to begin while I cleaned a couple of dishes in the sink, I whipped out my mat.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a cough drop wrapper on the floor. I picked it up and shot L. a look that could kill. He responded with a laugh and “What is your problem?”

“Just…! Turn on the yoga!”

It wasn’t an immediate fix. I could see the dirty kitchen floor from my downward dog. I noticed how my skin is drying in the winter air as I grabbed my toes for my seated forward bend. Judgement and planning whirred through my head and I missed a couple of steps.

But by the end, in my “comfortable seated position with hands resting on the knees, palms facing the sky” I was breathing. Long, low and deep into my body and through every pore in my body.

Sometimes I take all this for granted. I am thankful for this practice. And thankful for my patient partner who sometimes drives me crazy, but, is always willing to come get me and bring me back when I land there.


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