Ujjayi Breath

I’m just back from Cozumel, a beautiful blue place in Mexico. L and I spent the week prior to Thanksgiving there with his family (here he is trolling the reef behind the house). It took me several days to unwind and shake the city off me. But when I did, I just melted.

I had never been snorkeling before, and Cozumel offers some of the most gorgeous reefs in the world. Though I skipped the three-hour boat trip (and inevitable sea-sickness that would have accompanied it), I spent some quality time underwater right in our backyard.

It took me a little time to get used to the snorkel. It’s not exactly intuitive. But then I imagined my yogic breath, my ocean sounding breath. And once you get the hang of breathing through your mouth, the whole experience is incredibly relaxing. The sounds of the outside world are muted and exist in a separate plane somewhere above you.

I discovered a whole new world below – rocks and coral, striped fish and water clear down to the white sand bottom. The pool at my gym doesn’t quite replicate it, but I still look forward to the motion, the rhythmic breath and the sounds of the world above being packaged in full, soft cotton.


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