A Good Egg

print A Good Egg is Hard to Find by The Black Apple

The seven train was overwhelmed by passengers tonight and the fridge was horribly empty. All things, including my laziness in the heat, conspired to keep me from trying a new yoga studio in Long Island City tonight. So, I downloaded a detox series and unrolled the mat on the floor.

Toward the end of the posture series, the disembodied voice led us through one last stretch to massage the spine after 45 minutes of twists. Pulling my knees into my chest, my chin into my chest and rocking “just like you’re a little egg on your kitchen counter” massage along the spine.

I love that image. My body, after twisting and expanding, lengthening and stretching, as a little egg – all curled up and compact – gently rocking on the surface of the kitchen counter. The image is very comforting to me. And it made me laugh a little at the end of, what I was making, a very serious practice. And I liked that. After all, a good egg is hard to find.


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