This month of yoga has been amazing. I don’t know what other words to use – challenging, enlightening, opening. I’m learning so incredibly much about myself and my environment. In the midst of the madness of life, I thought: I will do yoga every day and everything else will fall into place.

The theory, of course, being that it is increasingly difficult to listen to myself when there is so much noise around me. I didn’t know (and still don’t know) what kinds of revelations to expect, if any at all. But the beauty of the practice is, I simply let go of all that. I am trying not to allow myself to get caught up in the cycle of doubts and what ifs. Just do yoga. Breathe in and out. And everything will become apparent.

My father tends to be an extremist. (This seems like a tangent, but it all comes together. I promise.) When he first started to practice, there were a lot of paths he experimented with: whole foods, yoga, meditation, juice fasts, sweat lodges… you name it, he tried it. He was searching and researching: he was reading a lot. At one point he quoted something to us, the family, that we never forget: Let the road unfold before you like the petals of a rose.

Now, the transition from regular Dad to Yoga Dad was not always an easy one – for him or for us. And for some reason, we grabbed on to this phrase as an example of how far he’d come. And, honestly, used it to launch a million jokes. The last thing you want to hear in a crisis is some crap about the petals of a rose!

But, we’ve been able to find humor in our spirituality – and vice versa. Now this phrase comes to me, not as joke, but as true insight. Here I am doing yoga, and letting everything else go. Letting it all unfold before me. I don’t have to control it. I don’t have to wrangle with difficult decisions. Because it’s all presenting itself to me in the most obvious ways. Like the petals of a rose.


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