To Master

I’ve read that the passions that inspired you as a child carry into adulthood. And many look to the activities of youth for guidance in life (instead of asking What Color Is Your Parachute?). I called my mom last week and asked her what I loved to do when I was five. She picked three things. First of all, I loved to read, “You were a very good reader.” Thanks, Mom. Second was that I loved to play with my friends, loved being around people. And then after a pause, she added, “And you loved to sing.” The first two came as no suprise, but sing? Hmm.

Then she added that my brother liked to dress up in different costumes, and asked what I thought that meant. “I don’t think we have to take the activities so literally,” I offered, suggesting that the dressing-up was a kind of creativity, and the singing might have to do with a creative voice, rather than a literal one.

I let myself ponder this as the week went on, and then last night I poured myself a cup of tea, and checked the little Yogi Tea words of inspiration that come attached. I stopped cold in my tracks when I read: To learn, read. To think, write. To master, teach.

I’ve been contemplating dropping out. Anyone who knows me knows that I do this every couple of months. Sometimes I actually take action, like living at Kripalu for three months, or going to massage school for two years. But I have always come back to corporate life, first as an editor, then as a writer.

But recently, I’ve been spying on yoga teacher training programs. I’ve downloaded the application a handful of times. I print it out, and carry it around with me, as is my pattern. As a matter of fact, a couple of apartment moves ago I found a box full of massage school applications from 2001 (four years before I ended up going). This is just my way of trying on an idea, picturing a version of myself.

So, with those Yogi Tea inspirational words in mind, I may actually fill out that application. I might not send it in… but that’s a whole other step.

My M&M partner is such an inspiration to me. I can’t wait to sample her Yoga Noon and Night routine when I go out to Chicago next week!


One thought on “To Master

  1. So
    Turns you were right… it’s 2017 and you went to teacher training and have been teaching. Didn’t dropout … just added

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