Yoga Morning Noon & Night

I quit my job. I look for new ones. I don’t want any of these jobs.

I take Tuesday to enjoy a Gentle class taught by my mentor, my yoga-momma, R. Lunch follows.

R tells me she is moving to the Southwest. She is taken with the weather and the closeness to her family. There is a grand holistic center opening that wants her to be an integral part.

R believes I am a strong teacher. R wants to bequeath me her 7 group classes. They are mid-day; they are for beginners, gentles, and fundamentals; they are a dreamy offer. How could I refuse?

How can I make living in the other time I have and satiate the ‘producer’ in me?

CrgsLst carries a post that a local studio-close to my home-needs a part-time Studio Manager. Yet another dreamy offer. How could I refuse?

With a supportive, generous partner shouting candy heart exclamations for me, I send my resume on to the studio. I’ve made it through the first round-awaiting the interview.

More to come on the trek to yoga morning noon and night.



3 thoughts on “Yoga Morning Noon & Night

  1. Good luck getting and working at your new gigs!Thanks,Scott Hughes< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Yoga Forums<>

  2. ChiYou are an absolute inspiration. I admire you so much, and miss you terribly. I’m so glad you’re writing!xoxo– mmny

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