I’m Too Tense to Do Yoga

So the health kick continues with 5 out of 7 days either at the gym or on the mat. I even survived a trip to cocoa bar without indulging in homemade marshmallows. Homemade!

But at Sunday’s yoga class, the instructor kept coming around trying to refit my shoulders somewhere lower than my earlobes. My downward dogs are downright scary and my warrior II, well she actually came over to give me a bit of back rub. Alas, I’m still wearing shoulder earrings.

There’s an upside and a downside to everything. I’ve been lifting weights and lugging around a gym bag, but my muscles are overly tense and still adjusting to the activity. I have a lot more energy, but I’m sleeping only 6 hours a night.

When my dear friends are stressed, I tell them to slow down, take it easy. I suggest they go get a massage, or a mani/pedi. In fact, I’ve been suggesting this so frequently lately that it dawned on me: Maybe I want that!


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