May Cause Dizziness

I’m learning a lot from the consistency of Bikram. It’s the same temperature, the same postures every time you walk in the door. And yet, my experience of the practice is completely different every single time. Some days I’m convinced the room is hotter than the day before. Or that the instructor is rushing the postures. But really? It’s just me. I’m the one who comes in as almost a completely different person each day. It’s an amazing thing to watch.

After a trip to the doctor this afternoon, I got a chance to do some Christmas shopping, get a quick prescription filled, and get home in time to change for class. I was halfway out the door before I thought: I wonder if I can take antibiotics and then go do yoga for an hour and a half in a room that’s 105-degrees?

It didn’t take long to find out the answer. Swoo-ooo. Oof. I was very dizzy. I spent nearly half the standing practice on my knees, slowing the breath, trying to stay present. But that’s where I was today. I stayed in the room and tried to focus. When I needed to, a sat down on my heels and looked at my third eye spot in the mirror. I breathed. A lot. And I made it. Safely and thoroughly. And I am, frankly, very proud of myself for staying present and not getting scared or frustrated. Well, not for long at least.

– mmny


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