To Be Deleted

There was no yoga for me today. I went out with some work folk instead, networking, etc. Okay, the “networking” was really just “free drinks.” And I normally would not participate in any drunk blogging, because, frankly, who wants to read this kind of business? No one. Probably.

But, I want to represent the “martinis” as well as the “mantras” on this site. And so here I am. Drunk blogging.

So the thing about stuff I have to say is this: When everyone is hammered, and takes a cab home – they are all going home to their husbands, wives or boyfriends. I, on the other hand, am coming home to my lovely apartment with several fancy couch pillows, and that is about it. And that is why three drinks become four. And that is why I normally choose not to have any drinks at all.


2 thoughts on “To Be Deleted

  1. WOO HOO for drunk blogging! Your typing skills are still so clean! How do you do that? I can barely see what I’m typing, much less read it, till the next morning. As for the coming home to the husband: I’m usually already home when the three drinks become the four. 😉

  2. berklie – maybe that’s the way to do it. even so, one night of drinking took me out of my yoga practice for two straight days. yesterday I was so tired, I thought I’d pass out in the 105-degree heat for sure! so I napped on the couch instead. Healing as that is!

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