I Keep on Falling

So, despite yesterday’s disaster class, I went back to Bikram again tonight. I made sure to drink water all day, and I swear I’ve never been more parched. I tried to time my meals just right. There’s a lot of planning that goes into this!

Well, tonight’s practice was delicious – just absolutely lovely. I have no idea if the temperature really fluctuates that much from class to class, but where I felt confined and drowning yesterday, I felt open and energized today. The heat was my ally instead of an enemy to battle. And the mirror was a place to focus instead of a distraction.

And for all those mantras, tomorrow I’ll be skipping class in favor of a more martini-style afternoon with a holiday party after work. Which, for all it’s worth, will surely make Wednesday’s class more difficult. But this is the balance, right? I am, as they say, living the dream.


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