At the end of class yesterday, our instructor reminded us newcomers to drink plenty of water and to come back soon since it takes the body a while to acclaimate to the heat. He also said to come at least three times before you decide you love or hate this practice.

For the record, today’s class kicked my ass.

I had to leave to the yoga room to catch my breath and I nearly blacked out toward the end, which was very discouraging. But I was assured that there are ups and downs at the beginning until my body gets used to the practice, and that I’ll eventually figure out how to stay hydrated and when to eat to maintain my blood sugar during class.

When I got home from class today and checked my email, I found a message from the yoga studio. Among encouraging us to practice, and answering some Bikram FAQs, it offered this bit of wisdom: “Yoga is a practice as well as a process.”

I share my process here with you, the anonymous internet, in part to help me think through things. But also so that you can feel more comfortable in your own journey. Some of you have written to say that you like reading these entries, that they help you know you’re not alone on your path. And by posting your comments, you let me know that I’m not alone either.

So thanks for posting! And keep ’em coming.

– mmny


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