Ah. So it’s been a month. That has to be some indication of the state of things. Work has run me more than ragged. It’s run me to anger and back again. And to bad habits that I’m not quite back from yet.

For example I’m staying up late. Snacking and watching TV. And writing this – to remind myself that I have it in me to take better care of myself. But it’s taking some time to get back to the healthy. One step forward, two steps back. And in the meantime, all the anxiety and malaise that comes with self-imposed change.

Sometimes, when I make a decision to change, it just clicks. Boom, boom, boom. Transition complete. And other times, everything moves in slow motion, or like a carousel, with lots of movement but no real progress.

– mmny


3 thoughts on “Carousel

  1. By your blog title alone, sounds like your my kinda gal! 😉 But I do hear ya about the carousel. No matter how motivated I may be, plans seem to unfold in slow motion. Glad I found you! Hope to be reading more!

  2. Berklie – It does sometimes feel that things are moving in slow motion. One of the reasons I write this site is to keep motivated and to celebrate the balance, the back and forth. Thanks for posting!– mmny

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