Red Wine

I am attempting to celebrate the Martinis in the Martinis and Mantras equation. It’s all about the balance – I must say this a million times a day. And though I tend to swing like a pendulum from yoga to toga and back again, sometimes I find the sweet spot.

A couple of friends invited me out for a drink after work. And at first I said no – I’d been planning on going to an 8 o’clock yoga class, and I haven’t really been drinking much post-detox anyway. But at some point I realized that I was being a little anti-social.

And while I know I am perfectly capable of going to a bar and ordering tonic water, there was something particularly appealing about a glass of red wine. Something to warm my bones and melt my heart in the October rain. And so, red wine was had. As were warm conversations, good laughs, and introductions to new friends.

I’m glad I went, even though (or maybe especially because) it meant forgoing my morning jog in favor of curling up under the covers and listening to the sound of the rain on my fire escape.

– mmny


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