Sunday in The Park with Ego

I’ve been taking a Sunday afternoon gentle yoga class at my local studio. An hour and a half of slow, luxuriant movement feels like the perfect pace for me right now, and I keep on trying to remind myself that it takes a while to get back into it. It is a practice, after all.

Today it seemed like I received more than my fare share of assists – which, of course, instantly got my mind going.

I spent a good handful of minutes bouncing back and forth between thinking I must be looking horribly distorted in my poses (why else would she keep on coming over to me?), and then being convinced that I was the star of the class and that my instructor knew I could go just a little bit deeper.

I tried to simply let it go. Thinking about it now, I realize we had an especially small class today – only five students – and so we each probably each a little extra attention. But it struck me as funny that I had dreamed up that it was all about me, whether for better or for worse.

And so I am reminded that it isn’t just my body that might need time to adjust back into yoga, but my mind as well.

– mmny

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